Why are employees gagged at the Department of Primary Industry (DPI)?
Why are employees gagged at the Department of Primary Industry (DPI)?
Employees at the DPI are forbidden to talk to us about GM Crops.
What is there to hide?
Recently whilst outside the Victorian AgriBioscience Centre which is within the bounds of Latrobe University, a lady was walking past me on her way to lunch.  With such a name on the building that she had exited as ‘Victorian AgriBioscience Centre’ i thought that she would have had some ideas about GM crops.

I approached her and showed her my small handout and asked her about her thoughts on GM crops.  The lady politely explained that of course she did know about GM crops but could not comment on them.  When i inquired why, she said that she had to remain silent on the issue.

She must have been joking, i thought to myself, and so i asked again.  Her whole demeanour changed.  So i added something to the effect that, we are talking about our children’s genetic heritage here, so surely she could make a comment.  No, it was obvious by her body language that she was gagged; either by choice of by decree.

I mentioned my concern about the farmers in Canada and the US who are being dragged into court because pollen that contains patented DNA lands in their crop and the farmer is found guilty for stealing patented DNA.  The lady said that there is another side to the story.  So of course i asked her what that was.  She walked away; she obviously did not want me to hear the other side of the story.

Most government departments are proud of what they do and are quite happy to tell you about it.  In the case of manipulating genes and then handing the control of our food over to multi national chemical companies, it seems that we are not aloud to ask questions.  If we do ask questions we will only get an answer from some silver tongued mouth piece that is skilled in the art of hiding a lot or ducking and weaving.

So what do they have to hide?  It seems that the mainstream media has been gagged as well.  A few years ago i was working at an agricultural show in northern Victoria.  There was a man there who worked for Channel 7 so i gave him a handout on GM crops.  He said “this is a very important issue”.  Great I thought, “Would you like to get something going at Channel 7 about it?”  He said words to the effect “no there is no way Channel 7 will say anything against GM crops, there are too many vested interests”.

Well we the public, have a vested interest too; the vested interest is food security for our children and their children.  Anybody that gags another on such an important issue has a very questionable agenda.

It is becoming obvious to all that learn the truth about Genetically Engineered Food Crops that we are not being told the truth.  But there are some very unprincipled people who are doing their best to railroad this technology into our fields and onto the public before they find out what has already happened in Canada and the US; precisely because of patented DNA and giant drug companies.

If these people are so proud of what they are doing, why do they remain silent about what has happened in the US and Canada since the introduction of GM crops?  Why don’t they discuss the patented DNA that is owned by these drug companies which is carried in our pollen?  And, why won’t they discuss the ‘Terminator Gene’ that Senator McGoren wants to introduce as soon as possible into Australia?

Very conveniently, the Gene Technology Regulator is not even held accountable for any misinformation or disinformation in the form of advice that goes from that department to the government?  Very convenient indeed!

This whole charade is becoming rather obscene don’t you think?  Considering that Bayer Crop Science was given the go ahead to start their so-called Test Crops of canola in Victoria.  So much for the moratorium on GM because they were not test crops; they were planted to contaminate Victorian farmers’ crops, which they have now done.  If you don’t believe that, just ask the farmers around Horsham in western Victoria.

There could one day be some wonderful benefits from genetic engineering but controlling our farmers and our children’s food with patents and chemicals is not a benefit.  The promise of fewer chemicals on food crops with the introduction of GM has proven to be a lie.  If you don’t want to believe that, it is only because you refuse to ask the National Farmers Union of Canada about what has happened to them since the introduction of GMOs.

Read about the Terminator Gene and the Myths about GM crops below, which is the other side of the story that the lady from The Department of Primary Industry (DPI) would not tell me.

It has been suggested by agriculturalists in the UK that it could take up to 16 years to de-contaminate each type of crop after it has been contaminated; there are however crops that could take much longer to de-contaminate because some seeds can remain dormant in the soil for 30 years.

Perhaps we should hurry up and get started with the de-contamination for our kids’ sake and perhaps those responsible for the contamination and the lies should pay for the clean up.

Tell your friends about this dangerous hoax.  It could also be useful to take a note of all those who are telling lies and spreading red herrings about GM because they are the ones who are prepared to sell our kids down the gurgler to a drug company.

Read also below what animals think about GM and they can’t even read but they know what they’d prefer to eat when given a choice.  Is it not bizarre that these people want to push this stuff down our children’s gullets when not even the animals want it?

Who is being paid off to remain silent or scatter red herrings and misinformation about GM food crops?

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