Parents and Teachers; GM Food concerns us all.
Teachers, please send this message home with children to give parents a chance to decide for themselves.  Parents have the right to be informed and to choose, this is now not the case.

On the 29th Feb 2008 Mr Brumby, Premier of Victoria, lifted the ban on the planting of GM (Genetically Manipulated) Canola in Victoria, which in effect is the Green Light for the eventual contamination of the whole of Australia with genetically engineered crops.  How can one man have such power when 90% of Australians know almost nothing about GM Food or Crops?

From the late 1990s unlabelled GM Food from the US has been sold in Australia and, as Kindergarten and Primary school teachers and some parents can attest, since that time, allergies have been seriously high; meaning that there has been a spike in asthma including other allergies, it is unlikely that this spike can be caused by chemicals alone.

There is much evidence to suggest that the splicing of genes and genetic manipulation of plants and food is causing health problems to many who come into contact with them.  It is now admitted that it is inevitable that GM pollen will infect all our crops if we go GM however; it only takes a miniscule amount of an allergen to devastate a child.  Who is liable for a child’s allergies – is it ultimately the Premier or the Prime Minister?

If you care to look at page 56 – 57 of the well-researched book Genetic Roulette there is evidence to show that the CSIRO found their own GM Pea produced serious problems in mice.  There were severe allergic reactions in the mice including a type of asthma that even occurred when the peas were boiled for 20 minutes.  Most importantly, it was found that once the mice were fed the GM Peas they developed allergies to other foods.

The fact that test animals developed such symptoms, especially allergic reactions to other non-GM foods after having eaten a GM product should make even a GM advocate look twice.  A handful of scientists at the CSIRO have said that because they did not release their GM Pea onto the market, all is well with GM Food; the same few scientists say in the same breath that we should go full steam ahead and contaminate Australia with GM (genetically manipulated pollen) as does the Gene Technology Regulator.

Those same few scientists at CSIRO also know the story of Arpad Pusztai a well-respected scientist of 35 years in Britain.  He was handed GM potatoes for testing.  He found that rats developed atrophied brains, livers, testes and enlarged pancreases etc.  He was soon sacked.  He was warned that if he spoke out against GM he would find himself in court.  Now the story is out.  See pages 22 – 23 of Genetic Roulette.  The whole story is frightening so why the silence in our media?  This should be front-page news.

A Japanese delegation came to Australia to ask Mr Brumby to keep Victoria GM free, as Japan was fast moving against GM food.  Mr Brumby was too busy to talk to them.  Canadian farmers from the National Farmers Union of Canada - www.nfu.ca came to Australia  to warn Mr Brumby about their plight with GM crops at the hands of Monsanto.  Mr Brumby was too busy to meet them.  What the Canadian Farmers wanted to tell Mr Brumby was that; with GM, their crop yields  are no higher; their use of chemical is no less and now GM seeds cost 3 to 5 times more than normal seeds.  Now they have no more choice; it is either GM by choice, or GM by contamination, all patented and owned by Monsanto.

Genetically Manipulated (GM Food) needs to be clearly labelled, WITH NO EXCEPTIONS.
[Country of Origin] and This Food Contains GMO
Note: GMO means Genetically Manipulated Organism.
To Mums and Dads and those who care.  Ask at your Supermarket what their position is on GM food and GM labelling.
Ask their head office to have a serious word to their suppliers about the labelling of GMOs and then ask the manager at your local supermarket.  Head Office numbers are: -
ALDI Ph: (03) 8369 3000 IGA Ph: (02) 9741 3000
Bi Lo Ph: (03) 9829 5555 Coles Ph: (03) 9829 5111
Woolworths Ph: (02) 8885 0000 Safeway Ph: 1300 767 969
The following people should be asked about their position on the GM Food and Crops in Australia.  Ask also, do we have the right to know what we are eating and who has the right to say that we don’t?
The Minister for Health,
The Hon Nicola Roxan MP
House of Reps Canberra Ph (03) 9687 7355
Fax (03) 9689 6523
The Prime Minister,
Mr Kevin Rudd
PO Box 476A Morningside Qld 4170 Ph (07) 3899 4031
Fax (07) 3899 5755
The Leader of Opp,
The Hon Dr Brendan Nelson
House of Reps Canberra Ph (02) 9465 3950
Fax (02) 9465 3999
The Asthma Foundation www.asthmaaustralia.org.au Ph: 1800 645 130
Anaphylaxis Australia www.allergyfacts.org.au Ph: 1300 728 000
If you meddle with our food label it without the nonsense it says, “This food may contain this or that”.  Tell us the truth.

Many have rejected GM but none have ever rejected GM-Free.  There is a GM-Free market forevermore.
We have this one chance to maintain our clean Non-GM Food status.

For more info read Genetic Roulette by Jeffery M. Smith – distributor Denis Jones & Assoc.
 PDF Version available here.

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