Why the Irresponsible Silence about GM Food?

Why the Irresponsible
Silence about GM Food?

Genetically Manipulated (GM) Food is still TOO dangerous.

What price a scientist’s ego?  Is it the price of a child’s asthma?

Monsanto Their so-called GM research is NOT for peer review; what is there to hide?
TJ Higgins CSIRO – His own CSIRO research proves that GM is very dangerous.
Rick Roush Melbourne Uni, - is happy that most food will end up contaminated by GM.
Jim Peacock CSIRO - paraphrased - “only those organic idiots are against GM contamination”.
Gustav Nossal Dear Guss, do you feel at all responsible for sanitising the GM lie?
Sue Meek Gene Technology Regulator was put there to pretend that GM was safe.

DPI says, “We’ll combat global warming”.  “We will stop flatulence in cows with GM”.
ABARE is spinning dangerous nonsense (lies) on behalf of Monsanto and Bayer.
The Farmer’s Federations are lying - most farmers do NOT want GM contamination.

Those listed above have conned a few farmers; they have convinced them that they will make lots of money once Monsanto and Bayer own their crops by way of patented DNA.   GM food crops produce NO higher yields - Chemicals and GM seeds soon cost farmers more - GM has NO answers for drought.   GM is the lie to control our food and our farmers with patents.   Why suppress honest debate with silence?   They tell us that there have been no problems in the US and Canada with GM Food and Crops; that is not true.   They say; “we need this technology or we will be left behind”.   Problems are mounting with GM food crops wherever they are planted – GM is about controlling all we eat with chemicals and patents.   In the US and Canada, GM is already out of control; just ask the National Farmers Union of Canada.   The evidence is there, Genetically Manipulated (GM) Crops and Food are dangerous because of novel proteins, especially to our children’s health.   Also, who would burn the ‘genetic’ bridges that should be protected for our children’s survival?   Without broadly based gene pools our grandchildren’s future is lost.

Since the introduction of unlabelled GM food into Australia from the US, asthma and other allergies have been on the rise.   In the US the introduction of GM has coincided with a spike in children’s allergies.   There must be a Royal Commission into GM crops in Australia.   Does John Brumby have a mandate to instigate the irreversible contamination of Australia with patented DNA when 90% of Australians know nothing about it?   GM crops must be uprooted before the pollen begins to flow.   If just one quarter of the book Genetic Roulette by Jeffrey Smith is correct then GM food is nothing short of Corporate Child Abuse.   CSIRO research proves GM is very dangerous - read the first 3 paragraphs on page 57 of Genetic Roulette.

From ‘Genetic Roulette’ –
  • The Public, Farmers and Journalists should read at least Pages 1 to 11.
  • All Medical Doctors read at least Sections 1, 5, 6, 7.
  • Pregnant women, Section 8 is a must.
  • All ethical Scientists read at least Sections 2 to 4.
Consider the following: -
  • Many markets have rejected GM Food but none have ever rejected GM-Free.
  • Scientists from around the world say that GM is dangerous - Scientists say "Ban GMOs".
  • GM is already narrowing our irreplaceable gene pools by contamination; is that not criminal?
  • The reason for GM is to patent life itself – Who would support the patenting of life?
  • Why should Monsanto be allowed to control the world’s food with patented DNA and chemicals?

Oh Media!
Why is the silence so deafening?
Is corporate advertising more important than our kids?

Ex Prem- Qld Peter Beattie,
don’t you care about children’s allergies?
Is it 30 pieces of silver?

Where is Nicola Roxan - the Minister for health?

Where is Dr Rosanna Capolingua - President of the AMA? - Please Rosanna read Genetic Roulette, Esp. P. 57.

Where are the Greens? A bit silent on this one aren’t we Bob?

Why has Peter Garret not seen the GM link to asthma?

Mr Kevin Rudd our caring Prime Minister. Where is Kevin on GM?

Let’s hope he’s not just another Monsanto stooge.

What you can do -
Please pass a copy of this on to your local member, the media and the President of the Australian Medical Association (AMA).
 PDF version for printing.

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