Save Our Gene Pools & Avoid The Allergies
From 1st of March 2008 the government is intending to open its doors to growing GM foods.  This move will eventually contaminate all our crops with GM.  GM foods present unknown health risks especially to children and pregnant women.  The emerging evidence for such risks include:
  • The increase in allergies in the US since the introduction of GM food.
  • A significant increase in allergies in the UK relating specifically to GM soy by 50%.
  • The development of bleeding stomachs in Rats fed GM potatoes, UK.
  • The detection of allergic reactions (similar to asthma in humans) in mice, fed GM peas, CSIRO research Australia.
That is only a fraction of the story not told to you about GMOs.  So why the silence?

Shouldn’t GM food be clearly labelled - THIS FOOD CONTAINS GMO - with no exceptions?  Three years after GM herbicide resistant crops were introduced into North America, crop yields began dropping and the use of herbicide is still on the increase.  In Canada, wild mustard and other weeds are already resistant to Monsanto’s herbicide called Roundup – they can’t kill the canola and they can’t kill the weeds.  Monsanto have told farmers at the National Farmers Union of Canada www.nfu.ca “Don’t worry as we now have a stronger herbicide” - more cost to farmers and more poison for us.  This is only a decade down the track, so what is the future for GM anywhere?

Some GM plants have a built in pesticidal protein called Bt-toxin which goes by the name of Bt.  It has now been found that the pesticide produced by the plant is more dangerous to animals than the commercial sort – we Australians are then expected to eat the food that contains this pesticide which is produced by the GM plants

One serious problem with GM is that – for: Monsanto, Bayer CropScience, Dow, Syngenta and DuPont to take control of the world’s crops and sell more chemicals they must narrow our gene pools.  Genetic engineering is about very narrowly based gene pools – meaning that all the plants are closely related like brothers and sisters; it is just basic biology, no biologist can argue with that.

In the 1840s over a million people died in the Irish Potato Famine because of a narrowly based gene pool; that is also basic biology.  Something else to consider – would a chemical company that finally owns our crops through patents, design plants that do not need their chemicals?

It was decided by a handful of politicians to “Start the GM contamination of Australia” in 2008.  This means that pollen carrying patented DNA owned by a foreign chemical company is to be released into our country.  The problem is that 90% of Australians know nothing about GM and its consequences.  At least 100 already dead and thousands very ill in the US due to a GM food supplement - also valuable gene pools have been dangerously narrowed and some have been lost forever, thanks to GM.

Much US produce, is now contaminated with GM and because of subsidies they are overproducing.  Nobody wants to buy their GM food, so we would not be able to sell GM produce to: the US, Canada or Europe, and Japan is fast turning against GM; John Brumby refused to meet the Delegation from Japan who came to warn him.  It will cost $billions to even partly clean up the GM mess in the US.  We are being told that unless we hurry up and contaminate, Australia we will be left behind.

If you think GM will give us a choice then talk to those farmers in North America who are in court, courtesy of Monsanto.  Farmers are found guilty because Monsanto’s pollen lands in their crop, meaning that if your crop is contaminated, you are found guilty for stealing Monsanto’s patented DNA, which is carried in the pollen.

Some are saying, “don’t worry, nature will sort out the GM problem”.  Yes it will, but our children can’t wait 10 million years for that to happen.  Some also say that we have been genetically engineering for thousands of years and that blindness will be prevented in children with GM Golden Rice - all such nonsense and other myths are simply debunked on this website.

Those who do the ‘Monsanto Tours’ of Canada and the US to learn ‘the facts’ about GM, never talk to those farmers already burnt by Monsanto.  GM concerns from: Australians at www.non-gm-farmers.com & www.geneethics.org, US farmers at www.nelsonfarm.net and Canadian farmers at www.nfu.ca.

Suggested reading from ‘Genetic Roulette’.  To those not in denial, herein find the science.
  • Farmers, whatever you believe about GM, please take a serious look at this book.
  • Farmers should read at least Section 1 and Parts 2 to 4. – Crop farmers read also Section 6.2.
  • Medical Doctors – Section: 1, 5, 6 and 7. Pregnant women and Doctors Section 8 – this is a must.
  • Geneticists, at least Sections 2.11 and 4.6 – we do need geneticists so just read the whole book.
‘GENETIC ROULETTE’ by Jeffrey M Smith is a well-researched book, so the issue is obviously too serious to be swept under the carpet.  All our politicians have a copy of this book; why don’t they open it?  Animals will not eat GM food when given a choice; so why should we?

I am requesting that at least the following 7 people look at my concerns about the irreversible narrowing of our gene pools and the serious concerns over allergies with GM food.
  • AMA President Dr Rosanna Capolingua,
  • Professors Tim Flannery and Ian Lowe,
  • and at least 4 government ministers:
    • Health - Nicola Roxan,
    • Agriculture - Tony Burke,
    • Environment - Peter Garrett,
    • and Dr Brendan Nelson.
Genetic Roulette is not costly, so patients can ask their doctors to look at the evidence then ask them - would they themselves eat GM food or feed it to their children?

Australian citizens deserve a Royal Commission to investigate the issues of GM.  But an honest one unlike the Victorian enquiry where it was agreed by omission, that allergies, the unborn, children’s health and the narrowing of our gene pools, were not an issue.

We all make mistakes.  However, there is an Old Portuguese saying that goes:
A wise man is ashamed of his faults, but not ashamed to correct them.
O sábio tem vergonha dos seus defeitos, mas năo tem vergonha de corrigi-los.

Dear Mr Rudd you are my Prime Minister and you said that you would listen to all Australians; well i am one of them.

If you just read the ‘suggested reading’ of Genetic Roulette, you will agree that to allow the contamination of Australia with GM pollen would be a dangerous path for our children.  It would not cost much to print a copy of Genetic Roulette for each and every Australian farmer that would like one and it would be very responsible of you to do such a thing.  To threaten the genetic integrity of a country’s food supply, when the population know nothing about it, cannot be called good government.  Mr Rudd please ask your wife, your children and our farmers to read Section 1 and section 8 and Parts 2 to 4 of Genetic Roulette.  Have you ever considered that Australia is in the perfect position to become a natural clean Gene/Seed Bank for our world?

To go hungry is the least i can do for those who have no say in what chemical companies (who are answerable to nobody) are doing to our world.  Please read my concerns and please read ‘Genetic Roulette’; you already have a copy of that book.

Mr Rudd before i eat again i ask you to attend to a few small requests that are listed above.  These requests i make on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves; our kids.  My last meal was on 30-01-2008.  I don’t ask for much.  Please take your time to learn the other side of the story; i can go hungry to await your response.  Being only an ordinary person my biology is very basic so i can easily make a mistake.  If my biology is wrong, i will give up my fast, apologise and walk away.

However Mr Rudd, any person in power that is responsible for this betrayal of our children, who fails to understand the difference between a Broadly Based Gene Pool and a Narrowly Based Gene Pool, is no better than a drunkard in charge of a school bus.  Axiomatically, would it not be ethical to have a genuine enquiry on behalf of our children and then to allow our youth a choice regarding the contamination of our country with GM?  Monsanto or Bayer would never oppose us having an honest inquiry into the issue of GM Food.

My concerns are at www.dnaalert.net and in the book Genetic Roulette.
Yours truly, Federico Rossignoli. - Fred the Snakeman
 PDF Version available here.

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