The Terminator Gene.

It will become obvious to any right minded person that any politician that allows the terminator into any country should be sent to prison for life.  The terminator gene is that dangerous, and so by definition those who peddle it are very dangerous people.


This technology must be stopped because if anything can be called "Weapon of Mass Destruction" this is it.

The Terminator Gene means that there is a message in the DNA of the plant that tells the seed to die when it is ripe.  There is another message called the Traitor Gene (The Lazarus Gene) which means, when the seed is ripe it will die, but if you use a hormone sold by the company that sold the seed you can bring the seed back to life.

This technology is being worked on by Monsanto and they intend to use it to control the seeds and food production of the world.  This is not a conspiracy theory, it is fact.  The only conspiracy is the conspiracy of silence.  If we do nothing then we are the idiots and our children will suffer forevermore.

It is becoming obvious that the President of America, the Prime Minister of Australia and the Premiers of Australia all want this technology introduced; and so does the Gene Technology Regulator of Australia.  It appears that the Farmers’ Federations have long since sold out on our kids.

Monsanto have now shown their cards.  Monsanto (the Americans) are lobbying hard to have Australia, New Zealand and the UK lift their ban on the Terminator in their respective countries.

However, the push for the lifting of the ban is couched in very sneaky terms.  They are now arguing for a lifting of the ban on a case by case basis.  They are also saying that they will not use the terminator in its entirety but only with parts of each gene being able to be turned on or off at will.

So, as they con our politicians into allowing such dangerous behavior they will eventually, by such stealth, control all our crops with their patented DNA carried in their contaminating pollen.

These idiots don’t seem to care about such genes escaping into wild plants or contaminating other crops as is already happening with all other genetically engineered crops that they have released.

Monsanto are even trotting out the nonsense about hybrids.  They say that many farmers choose to use hybrids of which the second generation seeds are infertile.  The problem is that if you only tell half the story then it is as good as a lie.

Farmers around the Mediterranean for example, have used mules for centuries, by crossing a horse and a donkey.  A mule is a hybrid and has what is called hybrid vigor, so for some types of work it is much better than either of its parents.

Because the mule is an infertile hybrid, those traditional farmers never lost their horse or their donkey, they were not stupid.  What Monsanto are asking us to do is give them complete control of the horse and the donkey and they will rent us the mules under license.

These plants (hybrid mules) can possibly be killed or brought to life as the Chemical Companies see fit, so if you don’t pay you don’t eat.  You will pay for the chemicals and drugs that the plants are designed to need for the control of your (patented) crop.

Also, never forget that in Canada since the introduction of genetically engineered crops, the farmers are now using more chemicals than ever before.  Strangely those who push this technology never tell you about that little obscenity.

It was predicted by biologists that resistance to Roundup (Monsanto’s patented weed killer) was inevitable.  And so it has come to pass that in just a few years of the Canadians growing Monsanto’s genetically engineered canola, Monsanto’s weed killer sales in Canada have gone through the roof.

The following four important groups are completely ignored by the Gene Technology Regulator and also by Peter Corish and Paul Weller of the Farmers Federations and paradoxically by most of our Media and the Prime Minister as well.

1 The Canadian National Farmers Union - (See "NFU Top ten").
2 The Union of Concerned Scientists.
3 The Network of Concerned Farmers of Australia.
4 The Gene Ethics Network.

The Terminator and Traitor Genes are a form of biological and agricultural terrorism.  If this sounds a little emotive then bad luck.  Those who don’t have the gumption to stand up for the future of our children’s genetic heritage are no better than drunkards in charge of a school bus.

Old saying
“If you are not part of the solution then you are part of the problem”

Paradoxically many genetic engineers are the most silent on this issue.  Sadly many academics have colleagues who are working on this obscenity and we cannot ruffle feathers by asking questions can we?

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