The new CON TRICK to try and get us to eat GM Food
Vitamins, medicines, salinity and drought resistant plants.
Every trick in the book has been tried to convince the public that we need to eat genetically engineered food.  The lie about golden rice to cure blindness in children has been exposed for what it is; a lie.  The nonsense about feeding a starving world with GM food is an impossible dream.  The experience in the US and Canada, has proven that the idea of feeding the world with GM is no more than a dangerous fantasy.  Sadly, this fantastic lie is being perpetuated by Chemical Corporations like Monsanto and Bayer and some genetic engineers who are in denial.

Now these same people are trying in earnest to peddle the vitamin wheelbarrow by telling us that they intend to add vitamins and medicines to our food.  In their propaganda they are insinuating that if we don’t eat their genetically engineered food we will be lucky to survive on our planet.

There are even some, who should know better, that are asking the public to parrot the slogan that we have been genetically engineering food for thousands of years.  Look at the facts, they are simple!

Some more nonsense is the intention to design plants that will grow with fewer chemicals.  Imagine the chemical industry designing plants that don’t need their chemicals – see union of concerned scientists.

A recent news item has revealed that the same chemical companies admitted that they intend to release rice to the American consumer that contains human genes.  They say that they have added human genes to the rice so that we can obtain vitamins that we really need.  It may not be cannibalism if we put human genes in food, but that is not the point.  The point is this type of thing is happening when people know nothing about it.  Monsanto have said that they want to control the food crops of the world.  That is why there is a rush to contaminate the world’s crops with genetically engineered pollen, which carries patented DNA, which is owned by Chemical Corporations.

Some politicians are saying that the Canadians have had genetically engineered crops for years and they love them.  The truth is that the Canadian farms are now so contaminated by GM pollen that they are finding it very hard to sell their produce on the world market.  The Canadian farmers are now using more chemicals than ever before; if you don’t believe this, then give them a call, i did just that.  Here is their website www.nfu.ca.  If you speak to any of those farmers you will learn that our politicians have been lying to us about the economic risks of GM or have just chosen to remain ignorant.

The contamination in the US and Canada will cost $billions to just partly clean up. In Australia, with those so-called ‘test crops’, contamination is not yet too great; most of it could be cleaned up in less than 20 years.  The Chemical Corporations responsible for the contamination should undoubtedly foot the clean up bill.

The risk to Australian farmers and consumers is not acceptable.  The Australian public deserves an enquiry into why such a dangerous proposition has been prematurely allowed by John Brumby the Victorian Premier, Sue Meek the Gene Technology Regulator and Jim Peacock of the CSIRO, whilst 90% of Australians know nothing about the hidden dangers of GM food.

Up until now Genetic Engineering has never produced drought resistant plants.  What has always worked for draught resistance is selective breeding.

GM crops are not the solution to solving the salinity crisis in our rural landscapes.  There are much more cost effective and sustainable approaches to rehabilitation which involve restoring the interactions of hydrology, plant diversity and soil micro-organisms.  For an introduction to some of recent successes of this more sustainable approach to salinity and land management see the book titled ‘Back from the Brink - How Australia’s landscape can be saved’ by Peter Andrews (As seen on Australian story).
 PDF Version available here.

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