Shouldn't Farmers Federations be working for our farmers?
The bizarre logic of Paul Weller & Peter Corish of the Farmers Federations.

  Paul Weller
Some time ago, Paul Weller the President of the VFF (Victorian Farmers Federation) said, “If farmers do not want GM crops then they don’t have to plant them”.

One would imagine that someone working at a Farmer’s Federation would have heard of pollen and how it travels.  What does Mr Paul Weller now say to the farmers around Horsham in western Victoria whose crops have been contaminated by the pollen flow from Bayer’s ‘test crops’?

Is Paul Weller now partly liable for this contamination because he enthusiastically pushed for these ‘so called’ test crops?  Or, does Paul Weller now just shrug his shoulders because the contamination of our crops by a chemical company’s pollen is what he wanted anyway?

  Peter Corish
Peter Corish the President of the AFF (Australian Farmers Federation) has recently come out with the statement that “If we don’t lift all bans on GM crops across Australia, we will be left behind”.

Left behind where Mr Corish?  Considering it is a fact that across the world GM produce has been rejected in most countries NB Mr Corish, ‘rejected in most countries’.

Note also Mr Corish that non-GM has never been rejected anywhere.  So the only place that we could be left behind is amongst those who can always find a market for their produce.  Remember that you are suppose to represent the farmers Mr Corish, not a chemical company that has designs on controlling our crops with their patented DNA carried in a farmer’s pollen; even if that farmer did not want GM.

When recently asked by an ABC interviewer about the contamination from the ‘test crops’, Peter Corish answered that the contamination is only there because we have not planted enough GM.  The man at the ABC was obviously stunned at this logic and thought that Mr Corish had meant something else, so he asked him again.

But no, Mr Corish had meant what he said, because he repeated with words to the effect that, if we just went ahead and planted lots of GM there would be less contamination with the pollen flow.

The ABC man was obviously bewildered by this bizarre logic because he just moved on to another subject.

What Peter Corish had failed to say was that once all our crops are contaminated by DNA that is owned by a chemical company then there can be no more contamination because there will be nothing left to contaminate.

Dear Mr Corish and Mr Weller if you people want to work for a chemical company why don’t you just ask them for a job to begin with?  It would be a little more honest than doing their bidding from behind the facade of the Farmer’s Federations.

You see gentlemen; with your sort of logic they should easily give you both a job.  After all fellers, we have all heard the nonsense that they come up with like: - Oh yes and haven’t we all heard the chemical industry’s amazing logic that ‘the whole world’ is going GM.

Somehow they see: Canada, the US, Argentina and Spain, and a handful of countries who have dabbled with GM as ‘the whole world’.  How is that for logic fellers?  Not to mention that most farmers in those countries now want to desperately get out of GM; ask the members of the National Farmers Union of Canada what they think about GM.

Dear Mr Corish and Mr Weller why don’t you pair of gentlemen listen to the desperate pleas from the Network of Concerned Farmers of Australia, instead of just ignoring them?

Why is it that you take all your advice from foreign chemical companies?  Dear gentlemen you might as well ask the fox how to look after the chooks.

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