An erroneous assertion.
"GM Crops to feed a Starving World."
How is a poor third world farmer going to pay for the patents and the chemicals to a giant chemical company like Monsanto, Bayer or Syngenta?  The dangerous truth is that once they go down that path they are tied to the chemical company.

We have not been genetically engineering plants, animals or anything like it for 1000s of years.  And yet there are some people, who should know better, who are peddling this nonsense to many of the public who do not understand even basic biology.

Sadly, there are even some at our beloved CSIRO who are telling this lie to the public.  If you look at some of the myths on this site about the so-called benefits of GM, you might wonder where the principals lie for some who work at the CSIRO?

Perhaps it is a matter of egos at stake, because when you have been doing something that you thought was going to be a wonderful benefit to the world, and at the end of the day you see that if all else remains equal it will spell disaster.

What are you then to do?

You can go into denial and hope for the best or, you can come clean.  In some cases your ego will not suffer too much because with a little wiggle room the whole thing can be swept under the carpet and you can change tack and still do something wonderful for the world.

With this issue however we are talking about the genetic heritage for the future of the human race.  So obviously the stakes are too high to give a lot of wiggle room.  There is obviously a lot more work to be done on GM crops before they should ever be released into the environment; to anybody who has done some basic biology that is a glaring fact.

In the past we have been selectively breeding plants and animals for traits that better suite our needs.  We have never before been genetically engineering, and every biologist knows this.  So, letís not perpetuate that lie even if you do work at the CSIRO.

Most of those that work at the CSIRO, deep down, want the best for the world and that includes the Gene Technologists.  Under social situations most of these workers would be great to party with; in other words nice people to have around.

So, there is also another problem they have.  All those who work at the CSIRO are very intelligent people or else they would not get a job there.  If your colleague is working on something that you can see as suspect you donít want to embarrass that person because it is not your area, even if you feel uneasy about what they are doing.

So to keep the peace you may also go into denial and hope that somehow the problem will be sorted out, and then we can all go out to play.  The problem with this issue is that the children of the future will not be going out to play.

If any honest person looks at the writing on the wall, narrowly based gene pools, mass hunger and chemicals, will be the long term outcome of GM crops.  Chemical companies must sell chemicals, so in the end would a chemical company design plants that did not need their products?

Giant chemical companies have a history of half truths, lies and deceit, but we should expect better from our own flagship institutions.  There have been many well researched books of warnings about GM, but if you just read half of "Seeds of Deception", even to a simpleton the penny will drop.

It appears that there are going to be many benefits for humanity in medicine with many ways of avoiding even surgery, by way of genetic engineering.  However, for giant chemical companies like Monsanto and Bayer to patent the DNA that is carried in the contaminating pollen, so as they can claim royalties from any farmer whose crop gets contaminated, is just not cricket.

If there are going to be some great benefits from GM such as designing plants that can make use of phosphorus that could be in abundance but locked up in the soil then letís look honestly at such possibilities.  However, letís not confuse that with the chemical industryís push to control our food with their patents and the narrowing of our irreplaceable gene pools.

We must draw an indelible line between that which the chemical industry is pushing for and genuine benefits which we, the public, can understand and control ourselves.  You donít have to be a scientist to understand whether or not you are being shafted; because with this issue there is too much at stake.

The message from the agricultural scientists in Britain is that, to clean up the contamination resulting from GMOs released from one type of crop into the environment, could take up to sixteen years.

However, that sixteen years could be a tall order with canola because the farmers in Canada say that it is now almost impossible to eradicate that plant because of the resistance it has to Monsantoís Roundup.

Because of the laws of biology, the weeds, especially wild mustard has now developed resistance to Roundup.  A Canadian farmer told me that Monsanto said that they need not worry because Monsanto now have a stronger chemical; you just use it together with the Roundup.

This whole issue is about tying the crops of the world to the chemical industry by way of their patents.  And, those dangerous idiots who have contaminated the Vavilov Center for corn in Mexico and are now contaminating the Vavilov Center for wheat and barley in Mesopotamia (which is in Iraq) are nothing less than biological terrorists.

Is it not strange that we never hear any concerns from our Gene Technology Regulator or Jim Peacock of the CSIRO about: -

A.  The extra chemicals now used in Canada and the US since the introduction of GM crops and the disaster that has happened to Canadian farmers since the introduction of GM canola.

B.  Or the contaminating DNA that is carried in the pollen of GM crops and, where there are now lawyers working in the US to take farmers to court if their crop gets contaminated with patented DNA.  See US Farm experience at the hands of Monsanto.

C.  Nor do these people show any concern about the contamination of the worldís Vavilov Centres which are the only repository for our broadly based gene pools.  If we do not protect our broadly based gene pools, the children of the future are doomed, and that is a biological fact.  It takes millions of years to broaden a gene pool; but a gene pool can be wiped out overnight.

Any politician that does not understand the importance of a broadly based gene pool is as useful to our world as a drunkard in charge of a school bus.

 See Rice is Life
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