Vavilov Centres Under Attack!
The Vavilov Centre of Mesopotamia in Iraq (the home of much of our grain) is under attack by the chemical companies, yet this is the only natural repository for much of the old world’s grain.  This is where we go back to when we need new genes for breeding these grains.  It appears that Monsanto want to contaminate this priceless gene pool.  Once they contaminate it with their patented DNA they will control it by law.

The Vavilov Centre for Corn (maize) in Mexico has already been contaminated with GM pollen.  They said it could never happen.  Mexico has the only Vavilov Centre (naturally occurring seed repository or broadly based gene pool) for Corn in the world.

There are some who would argue against the existence or significance of our Vavilov Centres.  However, those people cannot find another origin for corn than that of Mexico, nor could such detractors find another area for the potato other than that in the Andes.

The fact that some of the Vavilov Centres can be found in a country has no divine significance nor does any country have any divine significance for that matter either.  National borders only exist because of some military despots in the past who were carving out real estate and ethnic groups to satisfy their personal needs for power and control; and their own economics.

Plants and animals do not recognise national borders; only politics do.  So by default nationalists anywhere are idiots.  A little patriotism can help to unite the tribe but nationalism has only ever brought suffering and grief; so don’t confuse the two.  Love your planet and where you live, love your ethnicity and respect that of others, but don’t be an idiot.

Every plant, every animal, every ethnic group and every language is nothing more than a corruption of that which came before it.  And yet, every plant, animal, ethnic group and every language are important because they are the diversity and strength of our planet; without any of them this world would be a pretty boring place.  Without plants and animals our planet would be uninhabitable.  You can’t have plants without animals or animals without plants; that is an axiom.

One must remember that Nikolai Vavilov (with his limited resources of the 1920s) pointed to these areas as being significant.  Even if we find that some of these so-called centres happen to measure a little broader than Vavilov first envisaged then that means that the gene pool for that organism is a little broader than first believed and affords a little extra time to salvage and protect what is left.

Some plant species extend historically outside the borders of the Vavilov Centres.  Ancient cultures carried food plants with them in their wanderings and, as those plants took root they were grown in slightly different climates and sometimes very differing soil types than their place of origin; so over time they had to change.

Some plant species were dispersed by animals and some by people.  If an introduced plant cross pollinates with a distant relative, even if it is not from a ‘human food’ variety, and if that cultivar is selected for because of it’s traits that serve the farmer, then over time a brand new valuable broadly based gene pool can be established.

Over time the natural broadening of a gene pool does happen with any organism when climate, soil and rainfall suit; that is how nature works.

However, for any plant breeder to claim that they are broadening our gene pools because they have crossed a few plants together or genetically engineered a new monster is a dangerous myth.

Did you know that now some plants have been genetically engineered to be part animal and vice versa.  There are people that are releasing these organisms into the environment and we are told that this will be good for us, though mostly we are told nothing.

You could expect this kind of manipulation of the people’s minds in America, where there are millions of citizens who have no idea of the population of their country and millions who can’t find America on the world map, especially if the map has no names on it.

But in Australia, our Gene Technology Regulator and a select few at the CSIRO are also remaining silent about the transgenic manipulation of plants with animals.  These same people have the gall to say that we have been genetically engineering for thousands of years.

If the public do not know what is going on, so as they can make informed decisions then a so-called democracy is a democracy in name only.  Taking opinion polls amongst the ignorant is just misleading manipulative nonsense.

Those who argue against the significance of our Vavilov Centres are nothing more than nitpickers; in other words they can usually be described as apologists for the status quo or business as usual; which means; ‘whatever they like it to mean’.

The germ plasma contained in and around the Vavilov Centres and the landrace varieties held and passed on by so-called primitive farmers are some of the most valuable genetic resources on our planet.  This genetic material is the responsibility of every citizen to protect for future generations.

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Here are some Seed Suppliers for non-GM and non-hybrid seeds; though if we are not careful, when planted out, these supplies can become contaminated by GM pollen and lost forever.

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